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2021 April – Post Sponsor Drive

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So what is the goal?

We’re aiming for $200 during April with another drive in September.

Current total = $205

The 2021 April Post Sponsor Drive is really very simple. Those of you who are willing to support the blog this year simply select a post you want to sponsor and then use the link below to become a sponsor. Please ensure that I can contact you via the email address used for payment so that I can confirm the post you want to sponsor and also discuss what you want on your badge or you know, contact me before you sponsor so we can discuss. Also, if the post you have chosen initially had already been claimed I will provide alternatives or offer to refund.

To assist in exposure I will repost the post so that it is visible on the wordpress reader and share through social media as well as remove all other advertising (affiliate links and so forth) from the post that has been sponsored. You will also be added to the about page as a sponsor of the website.

This Post Is Sponsored By 1

Become a Sponsor

Choose any existing post on the blog to sponsor. At the top of your chosen post a badge will be added (example one pictured) with your chosen avatar, acknowledgement that you have sponsored that post, a brief description of the content you create and will link back to your blog, channel, product or whichever site you choose. Also – if you choose to sponsor 3 posts you will be able to choose a fourth post for free.


I’ve also put together a list of twenty of my most viewed non-episode posts if you are wondering which post to sponsor (ones that are struck-out have been claimed). Now, don’t feel limited to only choosing one of these but if you don’t have a particular preference these posts do all get consistent traffic. Again, feel free to find any review, feature article or top 5 post you’d like to sponsor. Or even an episode post but unless I’ve used ‘boobs’ in the title they don’t get as much traffic.


Alternatively, you can choose option two which allows you to pick an upcoming anime from the Spring or Summer 2021 season line ups (12 episode cap) that you want to sponsor. This means your badge will be at the top of all episode reviews, one feature post written in response to the anime and the full series review at the end of the season.

I’d suggest you could contact me before hand to discuss the anime prior to choosing this option as there are some anime I just won’t be able to watch and cover due to personal preferences and availability. For instance, Irina and I have already agreed to review two anime next season together so those titles would be unavailable.


Fruits Basket: Final Season

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

This Post Is Sponsored By 1

Seasonal Content – Summer Only

Contact me to discuss. You choose an upcoming series (12 episode cap) from the Spring or Summer 2021 line-up to be covered in episode reviews on the blog. In addition, during the airing season a feature post will be written, and after the series concludes a full series review will be written. At the top of all posts for the chosen series your badge will be featured (example one pictured) with your chosen avatar, acknowledgement that you have sponsored the content, a brief description of the content you create and will link back to your blog, channel, product or whichever site you choose.


For obvious reasons this second option is limited and should a few readers choose it I will pause this option until I’ve fulfilled those requests.


Thank you to all of my readers and to those who have offered their support this year.

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supporting 100 Word Anime.

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